I live in Northern NJ, but I'm FROM the Midwest and I'm proud to say I have that MidWest Work Ethic.  I'm a Day Trader.  I make a living by Day Trading Stocks.  It's BY FAR the best job I've ever had.  It's also the hardest job I ever had.  I have a very specific trading process and set of trading rules that I follow day in and day out.  I'm consistent.  I have confidence.  I have all the tools and resources I need to make a living day trading.  None of this came to me overnight.


Like most who attempt to Day Trade for a living and are honest about it, I struggled.


I lost money.  There were MANY days when I seriously considered going back to work and getting "a real job".  Luckily my MidWest work ethic kept me in the game and I refused to give up.  I refused to be one of the alleged 99% of Day Traders who FAIL.


I read EVERY trading book.


I read every trading BLOG.


I attended every trading Webinar I could find.


I signed-up for a trial of every Day Trading Chat Room that would let me.

Basically, I tried everything looking to find my way to profitability.  Most of it didn't work for me but I don't regret trying any of it.  Why?  Because most of it (now that I have the luxury of hindsight) taught me exactly WHAT NOT TO DO.  Especially those traders who were teaching me to "just buy more" when I got into a trade and it went against me.  Every time I did that I found myself hoping and praying that the stock would just come back to my entry someday.  All along my struggling journey to profitability, I kept making one promise to myself:  IF (and I did mean IF for a while) I ever figure this out, I'm going to shorten the learning curve for anyone who will listen to me and teach them how to Day Trade.

That's the point I'm at now...

I want to help traders avoid some of the pitfalls I experience and help them develop their own process.  I made every mistake possible on my journey.  But I also figured out how to fix those mistakes and put rules in place so I kept them from repeating.  Basically, I'm trying to pay it forward...

One of the biggest turning points in my Day Trading career occurred when I found Mike (aka GSP) at GreatStockPix.com.  I felt Mike was the first 110% HONEST AND TRANSPARENT person I found on my journey to profitability.  Unlike a few of the other trading services I had tried, he called out trades (get this) BEFORE they happened.  You knew exactly where he was getting in and exactly where he was getting out if he happened to be wrong.  He would never "front run" me or any of his members.  If a trade he called didn't work, he was honest about the loss.  He would hold a daily Q&A and answered in detail every question I ever asked him.  The two things I quickly learned from Mike that had the largest impact on my trading:  Always ask "how much could I lose on this trade?" before I would ever even think about how much I could make.  And second, ALWAYS protect your entry.  These basic concepts were a 180 for me.  Wow, risk management!  This was DRASTICALLY different than any other chatroom.  


So, I'll spare you some time and skip the bulk of the story, but I signed up to be a "Lifetime" member less than a month after I joined.  Skip forward to today and GreatStockPix.com is still where I trade EVERY DAY.  I wouldn't trade without it.  It's BY FAR, the best Day Trading chat room there is.  PERIOD.  The teamwork is unlike anything I've seen.  Traders are always trying to selflessly help other traders.  It does take some time to get used to - as does anything - so have some patience if you decide to check it out.  Since March of 2012, I've been a moderator in his chatroom.  Again, just trying to pay it forward.

Fast forward to today - Mike (GSP) and I have partnered together and created a Day Trading Course.  We created this course with one single goal:  TO TURN STUGGLING DAY TRADERS INTO CONSISTENTLY PROFITABLE DAY TRADERS.  We grew sick and tired of seeing struggling traders give up or just run out of money.  We kept saying if we could only get them to listen to us and implement our trading strategies and rules...  The idea for the course was born.  We spent months putting it together and perfecting it.   And now we're teaching it and turning struggling traders around.



As I already mentioned, I NEVER average down.

I'll NEVER tell you to "cost average in" while something is moving DOWN.

If I buy a stock and it moves down, I'm out.  I was wrong and I'm not afraid to admit that.

I NEVER hold overnight.  If you're looking for "swing trading" ideas, you're in the wrong place.  I don't trade options.  I don't trade futures.  Most of the stocks I trade are lower in price and lower in the number of floating shares.

You're not going to see me trade AAPL except on maybe 1-2 days per year.


Simple:  AAPL isn't the right kind of stock to be DAY TRADING 99% of the time.  I OWN AAPL in my IRA.  I plan on owning AAPL for the next 20+ years and am just collecting the dividend along the way.

I'm Day Trading stocks with the potential for large percentage moves in a very short period of time.  AAPL rarely if ever, gives me that kind of move.

Want to know more about my trading?  Come join us in chat or take the course!