Our Day Trading Course:

Why our Day Trading course versus any other course out there or no course at all?

We are NOT going to teach you all the stuff you can easily google or read in a trading book.  If you’re looking for candle sticks 101, the basics of charting, indicators and/or technical analysis just email us and we’ll tell you where to get that info for free.  Rather than repackaging all the theoretical basics like so many other courses have done, we teach you our proprietary edge.  Every single aspect of our edge and the specific details of how we consistently pull money from the market is covered.  We don’t teach theories.  We only teach exactly what we actually do day in and day out to pull money from the market by day trading.  From how we “read the tape” to the seven (7) A+ Setups and all the psychology behind it, we cover everything we’ve learned in our 28+ years of combined full-time Day Trading experience.


We teach all this by going over trades we’ve actually traded.  We’re not going to show you some random chart and tell you after the fact where you should have bought it.  Instead, we markup charts of ACTUAL TRADES that we called and traded in real time.  You’ll also see live “game tape” of Level2, Time&Sales along with the intraday chart to show you how some of our A+ Setups look and play out in real time.

Applying our knowledge and process properly can significantly reduce the amount of screen time it takes you to become consistently profitable.   When we designed our course, one of the many questions we asked ourselves:   What would have shortened the learning curve for us all those years ago?  We designed the course around the answers.

Also, unlike many other systems and methods out there, ours is simple and replicable.  Our A+ Setups occur frequently and in almost every market environment.

Finally, we believe that a trader must constantly adapt to and change with the current market environment.  Although “the core” of what we trade and how we trade is constant, we are always looking for new ways to pull money from the market.  We are constantly working on developing and testing the next proven A+ Setup.  Because of this, all future continuing trader education classes (CTEC) are free for life.  Take our course and you become part of our trading family.

Included in the recordings:​

  • Our "CORE" course (almost 16 full hours) packed with all the information you need to become consistently profitable as a Day Trader.

  • Three (3) Refresher/CTEC classes (~14 hours).

  • Four (4) "W6" mini-class sessions (~5 hours).

  • NEW CTEC Class from Jan 2019 (~5 hours).

  • FUTURE ACCESS to all CTEC and W6 sessions.  

  • That's LIFETIME ACCESS to any/all future courses and classes.

  • The markets are constantly changing and we teach how we adapt.

  • Our course will teach you exactly what you need to focus on.

  • More importantly, we'll teach you what NOT to focus on.

  • It's a realistic and honest view of what it takes to consistently make money Day Trading.

  • We teach every detail of our EDGE.  ZERO fluff.  ZERO theory.

  • Access to us AFTER the course including your own on-line personal trade tracker and one-on-one mentoring sessions to review your results.  


Our "CORE"Course is broken down into 5 sections:

Be Your Own Boss.

Are you in the right mindset to be a successful Day Trader?  Being a Day Trader is unlike having "a real job".  It's more like being a small business owner with only one employee.  And that one employee is you.  In this brief but important section, we make sure you are approaching running your own business as a Day Trader with the correct frame of mind.

Getting you set-up to Day Trade.

We show you exactly how to set up and use your charts, Level2, order entry, high/low ticker, scans, watch lists, etc...  EVERYTHING you need and everything you don't need to succeed as a Day Trader. We're not going to bore you with every technical indicator out there.  We only teach you what we use and what works with our style of trading.  We also walk you through our morning routines. Exactly what we do every single day to prepare for the upcoming trading day, including how we find the stocks we'll be trading.  Note:  We teach you how to read Level2 and Time&Sales by going over GAME TAPE - recordings of trades we actually traded.  We have HOURS of game tape and countless examples throughout our course.

Our A+ Chart Set-Ups.

This in-depth section covers our proven money making chart set-ups:  What we trade.  Exactly how we trade. When we buy.  When we sell.  And when we get out if/when we are wrong on a trade. We go through each of our A+ Set-Ups step by step.  We give you a list of parameters for each A+ Set-Up so you know exactly what to look for and can learn to identify these trades on your own.  We show recent examples that we actually traded and walk you through step by step.  No chart "theory".  No boring technical indicators, just how we use charts. 

The Psychology of Day Trading & Rules to Follow.

If you wonder why so many Day Traders struggle, this section covers the real reasons WHY.  We discuss the pitfalls of trading along with actionable solutions to either fix or avoid them in the first place.  Every Day Trader needs a set of rules to follow.  We save you time by providing you the best of the best.  Our rules will keep you out of trouble, help you avoid bad habits and reinforce all your good habits.  

What to do AFTER the course.

Unlike many other Day Trading courses, we're here to help you AFTER the class.  We are always available to help YOU in any way we can.  We are constantly updating the course, recording new examples and hosting continuing education class.  We also provide you with a Personal Trade Tracker that tracks your trading.  This on-line tool will provide you with unbelievable insight into your trading not to mention providing you with a daily performance review.  The tracker also allows us to see your trades and provide valuable feedback directly to you.  And we're never more than an email away...

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