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Here's just some of the feedback we've received from our students about our course and more importantly, how the course has impacted their trading.  

Note:  These are NOT paid testimonials.  

They're just real people like you and me who have taken our course:



"I traded for years, but still had questions.  How do I avoid losing trades?  How do I know what will happen next on the chart?  What are some better high-probability, low-risk trades that I could be in?  FINALLY found this course, which answered my questions!  These guys are born teachers.  If you pay attention to what they teach, you will make MONEY on your own --- you won't need to follow anybody.  The confidence this gives is tremendous!  There's an old saying:  "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."  I was finally ready to admit to myself what I didn't know.  And I got my answers!  What a great course for making money!"


- Amy W., November 9, 2017.

That was an awesome course, the amount of work you put into it was beyond amazing, over 500 slides with real time recordings of trades that you actually took, real time quizzes, a full on check list made for us for the different set ups, a great list of rules to follow, and so much more. Close to over 11 hours of pure knowledge, passion and dedication. If I had the choice to spend every Saturday like this I’d do it in a heart beat. I always thought every trading course and chat room was some sort of scam but damn I was so wrong. Pretty sure this is one of the only trading services out there that isn’t fraudulent and is unparalleled in the amount of knowledge it offers. Got so lucky to find this needle in the haystack, so thanks a bunch for all the effort you have put forth. I plan on working just as hard as both of you have so I don’t squander this opportunity and all the hard work that was put into creating this.

Sincerely, Skye

“This class has been the best trading class that I've watched and I've taken about 5-6 trainings over the past 3 years.


I just wanted you both to know that it is so far, a terrific class and I'm learning more from this class than I have from any of the others that I've taken. I appreciate all of your efforts in the making of this class and during the day in are both helping me immensely!” 





“Unsolicited here, but the course is well worth the cost.  Will save you a lot.  The tuition (of learning to Day Trade) can be tremendous.  The course is a great shortcut.”

“Mike and Wayne,

It has been a little over 2 months since I took your first class. You two have changed my life forever, for that I could never thank you enough.



Thank you for being such a great cautious example, when I first joined I told you from all the books such as market wizards and such I have read, your style was perfect to teach new day traders like me. The more I have learned the more I see why. Thank you for all you have taught me and all your 11:30 rants, I enjoy them and learn much from them about the right mindset for a trader. 



Thank you, for all the time you have spent with me answering emails, going over my tracker and sending me feedback on my good and bad weeks, I am very grateful for every single minute. I am also aware it might seem like I do not always listen but I do. Thank you for all the time you have both taken out of your lives to change my life and make me a better trader.


P.S Your new tracker feedback rocks! and blog too!”

“I really appreciate the passion that you both have for trading and your willingness to teach...this course so far has given hope to a dream that has been slowly bleeding away in a sea of red. ”

“What an awesome class guys!  Huge help, and learned a lot..... I learn something everyday from you guys!”.

“Hey guys,


I was really impressed with the course.  It seemed to hit all traders at some point, whether it is pitfalls of trading, setups, etc.  I appreciate you offering this and I am looking forward to applying/reapplying a lot of this. 


I would definitely recommend this course to someone who is looking to trade full time. ”

I have been learning to trade your system only a few weeks.  The low float stocks are a new phenomenon to me, but I feel like the fog has been blown away from before my eyes. Anyway, this course may turn out to be the steal of my life!”

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“I have attended several trading webinars over the last couple of years.  Today was just over the top!”

“Dear Mike and Wayne,

Thank you for this course, one of the best things I have done on a Saturday morning, ever. Your focus, discipline, passion and generosity are remarkable, not just during the course,  but also in the chatroom on a daily basis. I will spare you the details about myself, but I feel GSP is going to change my whole life. I am looking forward to learning and becoming a contributing member to the chatroom.

Thank you again.”

“Great stock course.  I have paid for many courses for much more money and did not get the value that you presented today.  The content was very informative, concise and enlightening. 


Thanks for your dedication and hard work.“

“Today was the end of my first full week of Trading after the class. This is my first ever full week of day trading ending up in not only green but $1000+ green!  Many times I had great days only to give it all back later in the day or week, I was gambling , positions too big, chasing, averaging, you name a bad habit, I was probably doing it. Not This week. With much less at risk than before,  I made enough in profits this week to fully pay for the lifetime membership chat and the class and did not give any back! I had 4 positive days and 1 negative and my red day was lower than my lowest positive.

I am very grateful for what I have learned in the class and from the chat from you guys and the rest of our crew. I am excited about my future in trading and all I have yet to learn. Thank you Mike for the discipline you teach, not only in words but in actions. Thank you Wayne for your awesome technical explanations of things like how you use level 2 to get in and out of positions and the Tracker which I just fully filled out and I am really enjoying having it. It is an amazing feedback tool that should help improve my trading for years to come.

Hopefully this first week is only the first of many. Should be as long as I stick to the rules I have learned from you guys and the teachings in class.  I hope you both have  wonderful weekend and see you on Monday. 

Forever Grateful…”

"The class was amazing.  I've made more money this week than I did in the last month.  I'm seeing the charts better and faster and using Level II properly has gotten me much better fills.  Those who did not take the class would be wise to do so.  Thanks Mike and Wayne."

"I took the course and was turned around in so many ways.  Thank you both."

"This was my first profitable week day trading, after taking the class!  Thank you Mike and Wayne!"

"Before the course I had 2 red months.  After, 4 green weeks in a row.  Thank you also!"

From our January 2017 class:


From PaulM:  I have taken several trading webinars in the past couple of years, but the one you and Mike put together far out reaches any of them. I know it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to put something like this together and for that reason I just want to tell you both thank you very much. I’m new to this style of trading but look forward to catching up with everyone. 


From Jon F:  Thank you both for giving all of us a great course. It was well put to gather, by far the most informative and inspirational one I have been to. I will need some time to digest all the information.  Thanks once again for a great opportunity for me to advance my trading skills. If I only get the 25 rules out of the class, it will be worth every penny and more.  Thank you well worth the time spent.

From JeffB: Best Course I have taken - seriously - and I have taken a lot... really appreciate it, Mike, Wayne...


From GregM: Started in 2001 with Trading the Pristine Method. Glad I'm here for the Mike and Wayne Method!


From JaniceM:  Your class today was absolutely fantastic - packed with so much helpful info, great tools, and rules.


From PaulM: Lots of great info, and well worth it! Thank you!!!  It was definitely worth it. Time to make some $$$!!!!


From ColinV: I’m so glad I ran across your class online.  I thought I was a good budding trader.  Turns out most of the time I was lucky.  Thanks guys.  Aside from today I’m looking forward to learning more from you guys in the future.


From CS:  @Greatstockpix This guy and @DayTraderWayne are true professionals that really care about their students. No need to look anywhere else.


From PhillipH: I enjoyed this webinar very much. It was great information and to be able to go back and watch, it is the best.


From NobleN:  it's funny but my eyes are starting to see what y'all see in charts an L2's now.


From EricN:  Awesome job Saturday!  Well worth the time.  My biggest take away from the course:  GSP and Wayne are incredible at what they do.


From RaymondL:  10 hours and it felt like 2.  Totally the best I’ve been a part of.  All info is golden.  Thanks a bunch Mike/Wayne!!!


From RickyV: I am honored to be here!


From DanM: Thanks guys! Great Information and insight. Great team! Well worth the time today. Thank You!

From DaleR: Thanks Wayne and Mike… the class keeps improving. You are both awesome traders and teachers!  Ready to use my refreshed skill from Saturday’s awesome class!


From AndyF: Thanks Mike and Wayne.  ENJOY the rest of the weekend!!! awesome course and info!!


From JackB :  Mike and Wayne, Terrific class yesterday, thank you both!


From JoeF:  Great class - thanks for all the work you and Mike put in to make this happen.


From SteveZ:  Hi Wayne, thank you for the webinar/class yesterday, there was a lot of useful information and I have enjoyed it immensely.


From Paul:  Great program. Tons of info, thank you! Looking forward to doing things right. For a change!  Thanks for the program! I am truly grateful for it!

From RobinE:  Great job on Saturday, love your enthusiasm! Thank you!


EricN :  course is well worth the $$$$$

Brenda:  I have to agree with Eric too GREAT COURSE.  You pay one way or another might as well get educated saves on the losses.

EllenB:  The course will pay for itself in days or weeks if you trade daily.

Steinie:  I have found the live course to be very helpful, but have found that going back and re-watching even more beneficial.  I can stop and start it, and even pause it and take a break.  The latest version is fantastic.



From Yesim: Thank you Mike. Thank you Wayne. If I am ever going to succeed in this, it will be because of you.


From Beth  : The course went quick, can’t believe it is dark outside already.  I loved the course and can’t wait to review the material.  Can’t wait till Monday!!!


From james: Thanks for a very fine webinar - GOOD JOB!


From Nick: glad I took the class, GREAT CLASS


From Carl: awesome course thanks guys 


From robert: Great job guys thanks


From Ray:  WOW... Each class is getting better and better (Evolving)...I'm already looking forward to the next webinars/class.  Thanks Mike/Wayne for all info!


From Dan:  Thanks for a great day! Extremely helpful! I've learned a ton today!


From k ich: Thank you Mike , Wayne for a wonderful day. Worth every minute of it. Learned a lot and it made me realize some of the mistakes I have been making. By repeating the course I am learning something new. Thanks and Good night


From Greg: Hey I gotta get now. Thanks for the class. Great job. I'll listen to the rest on the recording.


From JamesF: I want to say thanks guys. I have to leave. This course has been awesome and I look forward to putting this into practice and trying to master it. I will watch the rest later and make sure i fill out my tracker. See yall in chat!


From Gregor: thank you so much again guys!! but the Austrian guy has to go to bed. its midnight and I got up at 4:30 for work today. really appreciate what you did/do again for us! cu on Monday

About the level2 section:

From Nick: I just got my moneys worth from this course.

From Dan: Ah ha moment! Level 2 finally makes sense!

From james : This is gonna make a HUGE difference in my trading. I’m gonna be lost if TOS doesn’t have the graph, though. Will have to switch brokers.

From skye: This some really good stuff

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