Who should take our course:

Any Day Trader who isn't consistently profitable.

Are you making a living Day Trading?  Can you pay the bills from your trading profits?  If the answer is NO, then our course may help you.  Our ONLY goal with this course is to make YOU consistently profitable.  We teach you how to manage risk.  We teach you what to buy, when to buy it and when to start selling.  Our trades are designed to happen right away so you're rarely in the red.

Any Day Trader who has been trading for a while and is just spinning his or her wheels.

Tired of not making money on a consistent basis?  Are you up slightly one day only to be down double that the next day?  Day Trading is a process and requires patience and consistency.  We teach you how to develop your own process to ensure consistent profits day in and day out.

Any Day Trader who is afraid to trade.

Are you a spectator?  Having you been watching the markets go up since 2009 and seeing others benefit but you're not actively participating?  Are you scared to place a trade because you're unsure of the outcome or how you will react once you're in the trade?  We'll give you the confidence you need to become an active participant.  Our process, techniques and A+ Set-Ups will put you on your own path to profitability.

Any Day Trader who is still paper trading because they can't get themselves to push the buy button and put their money at risk.

Not a gambler?  Neither are we!  We teach you how to safely put money at risk in the markets.  We NEVER hold overnight.  We're safely in cash at the end of each day.   Before you enter every trade, you will know exactly how much money you are risking.  Stop guessing.

Any Day Trader who doesn't understand WHY they aren't profitable.

Don't really understand what you're doing right and wrong?  We help you analyze every aspect of your trading.  We then give you specific rules that will keep you out of trouble, avoid bad habits and reinforce your good ones. We believe EVERY trader should be able to answer 20 KEY questions about their trading.  Most can answer about 2-3 of them.  We give you an on-line tool to use that will answer all 20 in great detail and get you to understand your trading like never before.

Any Day Trader who is tired of following other traders and has realized that you can't make consistent money merely following someone else.

Learning from others is great and can shorten your learning curve. Merely following other traders, trying to get their entries and exits, is futile. Again, we'll give you the tools, set-ups and resources you need to become your own trader. We'll get you to the point in your trading where you see the trade setting up before anyone else.