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What do our most successful students all have in common?

We've noticed a trend with our most successful students. They all have several things in common when it comes to their approach to learning and growing as a Day Trader. Even if you haven't taken our course, approaching your trading like these students do could drastically change your trading for the better and put you on a path to profitability.

So, what do these traders have in common?

  • They’ve all studied the materials: They are taking their job as a Day Trader seriously. Doing their homework and studying. Even if you haven't taken our course and don't have the materials to study, there's still plenty of free content out there. What trading book have you ready lately? I'm certainly willing to recommend a few if you're interested.

  • They’ve all gone back over parts or all the course via the recordings: Not everyone picks things up the very first time. Trading is a process. It takes repetition. So does learning to trade. You have to practice. Over and over and over... Until your set-ups and rules become habits...

  • They’ve all started actively trading: You can't make money if you don't put money at risk. Too many traders are afraid to push the BUY button. You have to get over that.

  • They’ve all stuck to the A+ Set-Ups: Again even if you don't know what our A+ Set-Ups are, you can learn from this. Basically they have a trading plan. They sit in cash until they see a set-up that meets ALL of their parameters. They're not just randomly jumping in and out of trades that they think might work. They're looking and waiting for the ones with a high probability of working.

  • They’ve all started trading ONLY the recent high flyers: They're trading the RIGHT stocks. Stocks with the potential to move TODAY.

  • They’ve all filled out their personal trade tracker DAILY to get their daily performance review: They're actively analyzing every trade they take. Looking to build on what is working and looking to stop and/or change what isn't.

  • They’ve all be very open to our constructive feedback: They don't blame the market for a loss. They don't blame someone else for a loss. They want to learn from their mistakes. They are open minded.

  • They’ve all asked us clarifying questions about various aspects of their trading: They aren't waiting to be taught. They are reaching out, asking questions and searching for solutions and opinions.

  • They’ve all been digesting everything from the course and actively trying to make it their own: They fully understand that you can't copy anyone. You can't merely follow other traders. If you want to be truly successful over the long haul, you have come up with your own process that works for YOU.

Basically, they are all active participants in their trading and learning process. They show up every day ready to go and grow. They aren't just winging it and hoping someone someday is going to hand them the holy grail. There isn't one. You have to grind it out!

Any questions?

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