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A "Thank You" to our Traders:

Yesterday, we hosted this:

It was scheduled for three (3) hours from 9am until Noon EST, but we went a bit over. The recordings are 5 hours, 32 minutes and 55 seconds. Roughly.

What a great time we had! We discussed ZERO Day Trading theory. Instead, we watched the "game tapes" of about 50 real trades executed in the past few weeks by us.

Here's everything we discussed:

The interaction and participation was fantastic! It's truly our awesome student traders that make us not only better teachers, but better Day Traders as well. You motivate and inspire us. We are lucky to have you and want nothing more than for all of you to become Consistently Profitable. We're not successful until you are.

So, to everyone who attended yesterday, a big THANK YOU. We consider each and every one of you a GTMI. For those of you who weren't able to attend, the recording is now available! What are you waiting for? Don't be a NGTMI.

For those of you who are still on the fence about us, Mike's chat room and/or our course, here's just a little raw feedback (copy and paste) from yesterdays refresher course. We asked if they enjoyed the refresher, did they learn from it and was it worth 5 1/2 hours of their time on a Saturday:

From Amy W : YES!!!

From Paul : absolutely

From greg m : y

From Don G : awesome

From jack b : 110%

From beth: It was wonderful

From Rob: Absolutely worth it.

From Carl : yes absolutely, thanks a lot

From Keith : yes learned more

From beth : Very very helpful

From YAC : yes.. absolutely

From John R: 👍

From Mark C : yes

From YAC : Thank you so much

From louis : fantastic as usual. You guys are the best

From John: 👏👏👏

From Carman : this has been great

From Debby : very helpful, love the examples

From Don G: like the recorded examples

From Luis`: Super helpful. Thank you guys.

From Matt T: thanks guys

From Amy W : This is like one-on-one coaching.

From beth: I appreciate both of you taking the extra time

From YAC: Wayne ... we love you!!

From Paul : thank you, you guys are very generous!

From Luis`: Wayne, you're an incredible teacher.

From Jo Ann: Always learn something new. Thanks guys

From Rob B: great stuff definitely

From james: its great. I will watch this a bunch of times

From Carman: I like the fact there is no fulff. It's to the point with real examples

From Keith: Lol love the enthusiasm

From nicholas: my light bulb is 1/2 way on .. ty Wayne & mike

From Don: you guys r my role models man! I'm gonna get this=)

From Mark : yep great content

From Amy W : You two are born teachers! Well done!

From beth : You both get an A+ for this review!

From Jo Ann: how can you not freakin' learn from these guys?

From nicholas: been with GSP for less than a yr & their teachings are invaluable... I learn something every day in chat & in the classes 👍

From beth: Great point Jo Ann!

From Rob P: you guys are the best of the best

From Keith B: Thanks guys really appreciate your time.

From Debby D: great way to spend a Saturday morning

From Rolf: thanks Wayne great job

From greg: hat's off Wayne

From Jo Ann : great partnership

From NICHOLAS: thank you for the bonus refresher course, you guys really do want us to make it!

From Carl: Great job Wayne, thanks a lot

From Don: Yay - much appreciative. Leaning so much!

From Rob: Appreciate you guys. Thank you!

From Mark : Really appreciate your explanations.

From louis: Thanks for all your hard work guys

From beth: Can’t wait for Monday!

From Carman : Thanks for spending your Saturday teaching us Mike and Wayne

From daniel s: thank you Mike and Wayne for all the hard work!

From greg: Thanks Mike and Wayne great job as always

From NICHOLAS : absolutely

From beth: You are both wonderful!

Want to know more about us? Want to know if we can help you become a GTMI? Check out either of our websites (click around and learn about chat and our course) and/or reach out anytime!

Thanks for reading.

Mike & Wayne

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