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Broccoli or Oreos?

Which would you rather eat?

Ok, for the two Oreo haters out there, don’t say it and just go with it…

We all know that broccoli is good for us and we could all use a bit more of it, if not A LOT more of it and other healthy foods like it, in our diets.

But if given the choice, wouldn’t you rather eat Oreos?

OMG, I sure would! I could eat a bag of double stuffed yellow ones by the time I get half way through this blog…

<<Returns from the store and continues to write the blog while eating Oreos>>

This is the weird thing about us humans. We (well most of us) know and agree on the facts. Broccoli good for you. Oreos really bad for you. Ok, sure a few in moderation, blah blah blah. That’s not the point of this. We know deep down inside that we should be eating more broccoli, but the damn Oreos are so intoxicating. Just so damn good. One might even suggest they’re addictive. Mmmmm Oreos.

So Wayne, what in the hell is your point and what does this have to do with Day Trading?

Think of broccoli as part of your healthy living and/or dieting process. You know you need more to help you get to the healthy lifestyle you so crave. You know if you’re going to drop the extra weight that’s bothering you, you must cut out the crap food, the alcohol and the Oreos. But it’s just so damn hard!

Finding, learning and sticking to your Day Trading process is the exact same way.

Everyone is more interested in the addictive stuff. The intoxicating and entertaining stuff. So, you follow the guy on twitter who loses $100K in 2 days and then makes back $50K in one single trade. Daily you watch video recaps of someone who obviously does nothing more than pump and dump to his sheep. But he’s a nice guy and maybe, just maybe, there is a method to his “trading” so you keep watching daily for far too long. You follow all the ballers on twitter and can’t wait to see their next overpriced meal and fancy cars.

Is any of that really helping you and your day trading process? Or is it like eating a few Oreos? Getting your fix and getting that sugar high only to regret it when you get on the scale a few days later?

WHY are you doing this?

WHY are you spending ANY time on stuff that really isn’t helping?

Partially for entertainment?

Partially out of jealousy?

Partially because you’re trying to learn something from them so someday you can be like them – or at least make SOME of the money they make? I'll add that you’re spending your time on this because you’re still trying to find your way and you’re looking for the easy route. You’re looking for the holy grail which doesn’t exist. You WANT to make $ but you really don’t want to put the time and effort into becoming consistently profitable. People are always looking for the get rich quick schemes. And those video recaps, gold wrapped cars and piles of cash, that’s ALL they really are… Marketing schemes that will damage the way you look at and approach Day Trading.

Most don’t want to grind it out for years finding their own process.

They want the quick fix NOW.

We frequently receive questions like these:

Can I follow your trades?

Will I make $ following you?

Will you tell me exactly what to do?

Exactly when to enter and exit?

Do you send out text and/or email alerts?

All of these people are basically asking this: Can I eat Oreos every day and still lose the weight?

The answer is clearly NO.

Want to know what it really takes to become and stay a consistently profitable day trader over the long haul? Well, go read the rest of my blogs or better yet, watch our webinar on the topic. Just click this photo once you're done reading the blog:

Day Trading is a career. It’s a profession. It’s really freakin’ hard. Sure, it gets less hard as you start to figure out your process. But it never becomes EASY. If you’re serious about figuring it out, spend your time wisely. Spend your time eating broccoli and stay away from the Oreos. Sure, it’s OK to indulge once in a while to get it out of your system but stick to the healthy stuff.

Part of the point I’m trying to make is Mike and I are like broccoli. And not the frozen crap where you get all stems and no crowns. We're super fresh and good for you. We’ll never tell you what you want to hear, we’ll just tell you how we do it.

If you prefer Oreos with your trading, you’ll probably have issues with us.

On a side note, binge eating a box of Oreos is just like having a #WTF moment in trading. About once a quarter I go off the rails with my trading. I call it THE CLEANSE and I have a blog coming up about it. Sometimes you just have to get a craving out of your system, repair the short-term damage and then move on.

Now, off to go run a 5K to undo about 10% of the calories I just consumed.

Thanks for reading! Questions? Comments? Reach out and/or leave a comment below.

PS: I did NOT receive any money from OREOS or broccoli growers for mentions in this blog.

PSS: I did NOT need the family sized bag, but it was on sale and I saved $1.00.

PSSS: WTF OREOS? “Double stuffed”??? Ummm, not like they used to be! More like 1 ¼ stuffed. First time I’ve bought a bag of these in like 10 years and I call BS. But damn, they are still sooooo gooood.

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