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Day Trading on a Beach!

I’m back from my little experiment! Well, technically I’ve been back for 2 weeks but who’s really counting?

I spent some time Trading from the beach!

This seems to be a thing people want to do so I thought I’d give it a try. After all, everyone on twitter makes it look so easy. If they can do it, surely, I can too! Mike and I agreed that maybe it would even help our marketing. We’d surely sell more courses if we had some photos of tropical places where it’s always sunny and always easy to trade, right? I was happy to give it a try…

How did it go? Fantastic! Epic! Way better than I thought. My win rate was 110% and my “R” was off the freakin’ charts. How did I do it? It was super easy. Here’s the step by step process:

  • First, I left my laptop at HOME.

  • Second, I completely unplugged from the internet, tv, news and especially social media.


  • I traded one empty margarita glass for a full one.

  • I traded one empty Corona bucket for another.

  • I traded one wet beach towel for a dry one.

  • I traded one empty plate of food for another.

  • I traded one empty dessert plate for TWO (2) more. Serious “R” here folks. A+ Setup for sure.

The only trade I messed up the entire week was when the pool waiter talked me into switching to Rum drinks ½ way through the day. Holy Jesus what happened the rest of that day!?? Was that even Rum?

Did you really think that I would go to a beach and Day Trade? WTF? Have you read any of my other blogs? Day Trading from a beach is a freakin’ marketing gimmick and I’m not into those at all. I went to the beach to get away from the screens and Day Trading. 110% away. Far far away…

So, sorry for the click bait blog title but in an effort to make it up to you I’ll share the TOP 5 things I learned while on vacation. One of them is actually related to Day Trading:

1: A vacation is a must. I mean a real vacation. A break from trading or whatever your job(s) is. A break from 2(or better yet four)-legged kids. Don't worry, they'll be fine when you get back. Even if they freak you and their sitters out for the first 24 hours by refusing to eat. A break from the internet, news, social media and/or anything else that usually wastes your time. The only TV I watched was Toronto beating the Warriors. What a game! I’m not really a basketball fan. However, you know how I feel about anything with the word “warrior” in it.

I actually learned how important a break from work truly is YEARS ago, but it’s always the top thing I re-learn each vacation. It usually hits me by the end of day 2 when I say WOW! This is great! We REALLY needed this! So, if you haven’t taken a real break from whatever your real job(s) is, trust me on this one, getaway! Or as I like to say when a trade isn’t working, #GTFO! And don’t have FOMO, just freakin’ unplug. Completely. Everyone needs a mental health break.

2: Paper straws aren’t really straws and are just crap, especially for frozen/tropical drinks. Full disclosure, this was the first time I had seen let alone used a cardboard/paper straw. I’m actually not sure what they were made from? They just sucked and not in the way they’re supposed to.

My average frozen drink lasts me 10.5 minutes. Unless I'm in the wading in the pool, then it's only 7.5 minutes. The straws barely lasted ½ that time. And yes, 7.5/10.5 minutes are real data points. You should know by now that I track EVERYTHING.

Non-plastic straws sure have a LONG way to go! I’m all for doing ANYTHING to protect the environment. Why not? Better to be safe than sorry and I’m not even leaving a legacy. But this is just ridiculous. After this experience, I ordered a pallet of plastic ones to get me through the rest of my life in case they’re banned everywhere and the technology doesn't catch up. Good thing I have a large basement.

3: “Bingo” sounds a lot like “gringo”. This is a story for our next Happy Hour.

4: ~25%+ of American tourists act like complete assholes. Unfortunately, this number is growing too. Many years back while traveling in Europe and Australia, I would have said the number was 10%. But today, it’s amazing the level of entitlement out there. It’s amazing the number of people who think the entire world revolves around them and think only their needs should be catered to. It’s amazing how many are oblivious to how their actions negatively impact others around them. And it’s amazing how many of them just don’t care even if they do recognize it. The positive here, I make it a point to always be inebriated just enough to laugh all of this off. I also always make it a point to be respectful even when #5 comes into play. I’m a proud freakin American who’s embarrassed as hell by the ~25% of you freakin’ idiots.

5: Good service is becoming a thing of the past for far too many companies. When, and it’s a rarity these days, my wife and I get truly great service we become incredibly loyal to the person/company providing that service. Example: We frequent ONE (1) Sushi restaurant in NYC for the last 12 years. ONE for 12 YEARS. And we’ve NEVER been disappointed. The ONLY time we eat Sushi is when we go to THIS restaurant. Sure, the food is out of this world, but so is the service. You can get good sushi at a lot of places in NYC. You can even get GREAT sushi at a few, but it’s rare to get both GREAT food AND great service. It’s the service that keeps us coming back time and time again. And I’ll happily pay up and tip big for great service. It’s such a shame that interacting face to face with other people is a dying art, especially at United Airlines. Seriously, $UAL you call that First Class service?

By the way, I blame our political climate and social media for the last two. You see our leaders constantly lying, pandering, acting like children and acting with ZERO respect for other humans so why shouldn’t you get to act that way too? Oh, and I’m talking to both sides of the aisle. This isn’t a right/left issue. It’s a right/wrong issue. I can’t wait until this comes full circle. I hope and somewhat believe it will for about 82.3% of us.

Oh, and just because you live in NJ and have seen the NJ Shore and/or Real House Wives of NJ on TV doesn’t make you a cast member. This is why I always say I’m FROM the Midwest but happen to live in NJ. Although some of the idiots from #4 were from the Midwest so it’s spreading…

So, Wayne, WTF? Your blog is supposed to be about Day Trading.

What’s the point here about that?

Honestly, other than telling you to make sure you get a real break away from the screens once in a while, there isn’t one. And trading from a beach is a marketing scheme. Oh, and there’s more to life than trading (or whatever your J.O.B. is) and you’ll be fine if you miss a week. No FOMO. Plan that getaway now! Trust me, you'll thank me later.

And hey, here’s another vacation pic of the view from our table at breakfast and lunch daily:

Thanks for reading!

Questions? Probably not on this one.

Comments? Drop one below.

PS: YES, I was in the DR. No, I wasn’t involved with the Big Papi incident. That’s just coincidence and strange timing. Yes, we felt perfectly safe and the drinks in the mini bar didn’t kill us.

PSS: My next blog is all about Day Trading, specifically talking to those Level2 deniers out there. The one after that, all about a GTMI who had an AHA! moment recently.

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